What is White Hat Verus Black Hat SEO

White & Black Hat SEO

SEO techniques for optimizing your website for any search engine requires having a solid strategy. There are a lot of techniques that a website owner can use to create the best website ranking on the first page of the world’s most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.

SEO rewards in achieving first page status are huge in terms of revenue, popularity and traffic, but do you stay with the white hat SEO techniques or venture into some more short term responsive black hat moves?

Luckily the internet is flooded with information from basic to professional level on how to make your website SEO friendly.

SEO techniques or tools available for business to use are innumerable. The business just needs to find the one that will work for the businesses online presence. Not all information that is found on the internet is information that is true or beneficial for the company’s future. The same goes for SEO techniques that are found on the internet or are practised by SEO agencies.

In general, there are usually two ways of doing something, the good way and the bad way. The same applies for SEO. There are two SEO terminologies used for the good way – the white hat SEO technique, and the bad way, black hat SEO technique.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO plays by the book. It is prone to follow the rules and policies set out by search engines. A white hat technique or strategy centres itself around the audience and not the search engine. For instance, a website that may be considered to have used white hat techniques has relevant content on the website and focuses on organic ranking. Having keywords, backlinks, link building, are some of the key things that are focused on in improving a business’s SEO. A white hat technique has a constructive result on the website and poses fewer risks.

Black hat SEO

Notorious for making money and having short term benefits, a black hat SEO technique is riskier because it has the potential to compromise the businesses website. A black hat technique is basically the opposite of a white hat technique. With a black hat SEO technique, focus is shifted from the audience to search engines. Such a technique throws caution to the wind and disobeys rules set out by search engines.

Techniques in Black Hat

A website that is or has used this technique is riddled with keyword stuffing, invisible text, adding keywords that aren’t specific to the webpage or swapping a page after it has been ranked by a search engine. A website that uses the black hat technique isn’t really interested in the long term functionality of the website on search engines. The risk of a black hat SEO technique being used is very high as it is possible for the website to be banned.

SEO Benefits

Every business that wants a good online presence will employ white hat techniques. SEO white hat techniques have a benefit of creating a good online reputation for the firm, in the long term. A white hat technique is calculated and well thought out. On the other hand, a black hat technique is reckless and can ultimately destroy the reputation of the business, in the long run. Website owners should check for themselves if the firm they hired to SEO their website is using the good way or the bad way.

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  1. White hat techniques works but it will take some days. Many don’t understand that and they use blackhat and ruin their site/blog. i am confusing many big seo companies are still using black hat software and techniques, is it really that safe for those clients who wants quick results?

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