What is Seo? Levels for Beginner, Intermediate, Pro

Online Advertising

With the world constantly changing and technology taking over more and more, as a business owner you have to look for ways to remain relevant.

Learning about online advertising is what every business owner should learn in order to keep up with the digital world. A business that has a website must think extensively about online advertising; how they are going to be visible and how they are going to reach a new customer base. SEO or search engine optimization is used by any website owner to boost the websites profile by increasing the amount of users who visit the website from a search engine.

What is SEO?

You may or may have not heard of SEO. It is a practice that is employed by online marketers. SEO has different levels of working for a website. The main purpose of employing any SEO strategies is to basically structure a website in a way that search engines recognize. The right SEO strategy equals a great ranking on a search engine.

As complex as the internet is, so is SEO. Understanding how SEO works and can be done requires starting at the beginning and working your way up to being an expert. If you’ve just found out about SEO and would like to make your website search engine friendly, then you’ll have to learn the basics of SEO in order to get a broader spectrum of what it entails and how it works to your websites benefit.

Beginner’s Level

As a beginner, it is essential to understand why your website should use SEO as well as the benefits of employing SEO. Familiarizing yourself with the terms used by online marketers, how a search engine actually operates and the basics of having a search engine friendly website, are a few things that any beginner should know. SEO isn’t only used so that a search engine can find you but also so that users find it easy to find the website too. When using SEO, the website has targeted keywords and phrases that they think users will punch in, in a search engine. The good thing about SEO is that it brings in only the customers that are interested in the product or service the website is offering. With SEO it is important for the business to know their target market and have properly defined it. Without this, using SEO can be a tricky and difficult thing to do for an online marketer.

Intermediate Level

People in the intermediate phase are those who have experienced the usefulness of SEO and have some knowledge about it. The experience gained makes you more aware of which keywords or phrases work best for a website. As an intermediary, certain skills and tools are learnt and adapted in order to retain a successful SEO campaign. In this phase, you learn more about how to make the website more adaptable to search engines like, Google.

Professional Level

A professional SEO campaign manager knows the exact words and phrases that will gain definite visitors to the website. As a professional, explaining what SEO is to a layperson comes naturally. You are able to look at a website and make suggestions on how the website can improve its visibility and ranking on search engines.

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