SEO Tools

What is SEO?

Having a website that has the best search engine optimization (SEO) requires hard work and a strategy that is well thought out.

Having the correct keywords or phrases that will hook targeted customers on search engines is only half the job done. The internet has a wealth of information on ways to make your website user friendly for search engines and visitors.

Costs of SEO

SEO is part of internet marketing and is a service offered by marketers and web developers alike. SEO has varying levels. Using a web developer or online marketer to enhance your websites SEO capacity will require a budget. If your company doesn’t necessarily have the budget for an expert, there are a few tools you can use from the internet. The SEO tools offer assistance in checking and verifying your websites content for SEO compatibility.

Below are a few SEO tools you can use to assess the strength of your website for free:


The website is free to use. It checks any documents or URLs that you enter to identify any plagiarised or duplicated content. For a background check to happen there needs to be 2 file checks to compare. After it has run a background check on the document or URL, you receive a percentage estimate of the amount of duplication both documents have.

Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

The internet is a very competitive market. Staying above the competition is essential in being a vital game changer in your industry. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool helps steer you in the right direction by highlighting words or phrases that are over-optimized.

Keyword Eye Basic

Thinking of words or phrases that will generate a good number of visitors can be difficult. Brainstorming sessions may need motivation in order to find suitable words for the website. Keyword Eye Basic is a good suggestion tool to have when brainstorming. It suggests keywords using visual aids.

Wordstream Free Keyword Tool

Is a suggestion tool to consider because it has the ability to outperform any paid professionals services.


Works well for the development of long phrases.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Software loaded onto the computer that checks for broken links. It validates text links, images, backgrounds, etc.

Title And Description Optimization Tool

This suggestion tool is dubbed the best competitor intelligence tool. This is because it gives knowledge on the keywords popular websites are using.

Image SEO Tool

A website having SEO doesn’t only depend on keywords and phrases. The photos used play a role in making the website search engine friendly and user friendly for visitors. Image SEO Tools specifically checks images. It checks the name of the image, alt attribute and dimensions. If there is a problem of any sort an alert is sent.

There are a lot of facets to having a website that has the best SEO. Microsoft has software that can run a complete audit of the website. Each SEO tool is designed to improve any websites SEO.

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