Search Engine Optimization Tips

Optimization Tips for Search Engines

Having a website that is frequently visited is a dream of any business owner.Having the right keywords and phrases for it to be found is only the first step in achieving frequent visitors. Get your company’s website ranked number one on any search engine by using these search engine optimization (SEO) tips:


First and foremost content on the website NEEDS to be well written and well thought out. Content should be built around targeted keywords or phrases.


Ensure that links to other areas of the website work well and offer no problems for users.


Each page of the website should have its own unique keyword/s. The company name can be listed at the end to avoid monotony.

Long Keywords

Keywords are a great way to monitor the target market, but it is better to focus more on phrases, e.g. “tour the great ravine”.


Add your location to targeted keywords and phrases. This helps in pulling in a local market.


When designing your website, make sure that the beginning stages include SEO.

Keyword Stuffing

The use of keywords should be done in an appropriate manner; the link shouldn’t be cluttered by keywords.

301 Re-Directs

Today typing in www is rarely done. If the website is http//, you should 301 redirect http//

Fresh Content

Adding new, fresh and helpful content regularly to the website is not only a good way for users to click on the website but for search engines to see the website as relevant.

– SEO isn’t affected by file extensions on your URL. Using .html, .php, or .asp, doesn’t make a difference.
– Adding a new website to a search engine can take weeks. The fastest way to get it up is to link it to your existing website.
– Add new content at least three times a week, so that search spiders can locate your website.
– Focus on quality and less on quantity. Have a single link that is excellent and convincing. Instead of a lot of poorly organised links that can do more harm than good.
– SEO is content, links, attractiveness and standing.


The website should be effortless to use. A site that is a breeze to use has the potential of increasing popularity and ranking.

Link Building

Build relationships with other websites by linking out their websites on your website. This allows them to have a link to your website on their site too.


It’s all about content! Any search engine looks for quality and distinctive content. Ensure that the websites content is both.

Interesting Material

Keep the visitors coming back by having a topic to talk about.for a long time and the way people search changes every day.


No man is an island, catering to bloggers or websites that are relevant to your website might cause them to link to certain parts of the website, e.g. photos, articles, videos, etc.

Site Creator Publishing

Lastly, get the business owner to publish something once in a while.

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