DIY SEO, What can a Website Owner do?

Outsource SEO or do it in House?

Putting your business’s trust in the hands of a complete stranger is a hard thing to do for any business owner.

Most owners prefer to do things themselves because they believe that other people won’t do the job right.

Attracting a good customer base to the businesses website can be a difficult task to achieve. However, thanks to the internet it is possible gain insight about marketing your website effectively without the use of an online marketing firm.

Using a marketing firm can be very expensive. Costs can range from around $200 to $5000. Some businesses may not have the budget to use the services of a marketing firm. It is a good idea for a website owner to equip themselves with the basics or even expertise of search engine optimization (SEO).

If as a website owner you plan on making your website search engine and user friendly, here are a few tips that will move you in the direction of being an expert SEO campaign manager for your website:


Using keywords is vital to having a website that ends up on page one of search engine results pages. Choose the right keywords (or phrases) that best describe the website. The keywords should also illustrate the company’s policies and work ethic. Keywords should be unique for each webpage. Be careful not to include a lot of key phrases for a webpage because this will work against getting traffic for the website. Less is always more!


Have content that is captivating and irresistible for visitors to ignore. Blogs, images, or videos are great crowd pullers to a website.

Keyword Suggesion Tools

Make use of the free keyword suggestion tools online. Google Adwords, WordStream are some of the tools you can use, for free. They assist any website in finding potential keywords that the website can use. Suggestion tools also help in identifying keywords that are commonly used by the competition. Knowing what your competitor is up to allows you to strategically remain ahead of the competition.

Unique Domain Name

Have a domain name that is unique. Be careful when choosing a domain name, the name needs to be relevant to the businesses products or services.

Use a Sitemap

A sitemap that guides users who visit the website on where to go next. Visitors needn’t be confused by the navigation of the website. The simpler the makeup of the website the better for visitors.

Content Frequency

Remain relevant by frequently publishing or updating content on the website. It is not only people who like to see new things every now and then, search engines do too.


Ensure that you target the local market in your area of business. When you have keywords that are location specific this means that people within your area of business can access your website and services easily.

Having a website that is SEO compatible is the aim of any website owner. If, as a website owner, you are going to make the website search engine friendly on your own understand that it will take time. It is a skill that you would have to constantly hone as time progresses.

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