10 SEO Things Not To Do

Make it SEO friendly

When making your businesses website SEO friendly there are things that you shouldn’t do.

You may or may not be aware of them, but it is important to always have them at the top of your head for future reference or to improve the longevity of your ranking on search engines.

Below is a list of 10 things that should NEVER be done when optimizing your website for search engines:

Changing or deleting URLs

With SEO, a symbiotic relationship should exist between the hired SEO Company as well as the business. Any SEO firm will mention the detriment of changing or deleting a link on the website with no notice. If changes have to happen to the website, let the SEO firm handle it as they will make sure that the businesses online image or online strategy isn’t compromised.

Modifying or deleting copies

When an SEO strategy has been implemented adding or removing anything from the website can be detrimental to the entire set up of the strategy. Any changes that are to be made on the website should go through the company handling SEO marketing. They will be able to change and modify according to the sites make up.

Chasing links that go back to the website

There are certain aspects that SEO firms look for in creating or finding good links for the website. Leave the managing of the website to the marketing firm because they know what they are doing. Communicate effectively with them so that they know what you need the website to do for the business.

Have another SEO services outside of the one already hired

Not all SEO firms use the same strategy. Having another firm do anything to alter already set up SEO could have a negative effect on the websites brand. The hired firm has some knowledge about the business and most firms aim to work for the company and not against it.

Changing the domain name

When the business goes through major changes, like changing the name of the business, it is important to work very closely with your SEO service provider because they will try to move the website without hurting the businesses search engine position.

Ignore local search

Local searches are dealt with differently on search engines. The website should have keywords or phrases that are region specific, not having this means losing a huge portion of your target market.

Having generic keywords

The right keywords need to be optimized. They need to be specific to the goods or services offered.

Title tags or descriptions that aren’t original

Strive for each page to be unique. This includes titles, images and content.

Anchor texts

A webpage with a ‘click here’ link is a big no-no. Having an anchor text for internal links isn’t good SEO PR because it doesn’t allow you the chance to tailor it to the businesses best interests.

Neglecting having a great design for links

Having a popular design for links means the link will get lost on search engines.

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